Contemplative Life Coaching

Contemplative Life Coaching is a blend of modalities where I support and guide clients to connect with the wisdom of their mind, body, emotions, and intuition. Due to the holistic approach, clients easily have breakthroughs that rarely happen through talk therapy.  Transformation and integration happen at a very deep level.  

Imagine a hallway where unopened packages are stacked  one by one, eventually building up and cluttering the passageway. These packages are all of our unintegrated experiences.  Each holds a teaching. Each is waiting to be unwrapped.  Until then the emotional and energetic clutter gradually creates chaos and dis-ease in  our lives.  

As a Contemplative Life Coach I support and guide you  as you journey more deeply into the soul. Those things previously ignored or avoided are now the entry point to a treasure chest of self awareness. 

I'm passionate about this work because it's been a part of my own soul journey. Changing thoughts can be helpful, but I believe our emotional and physical bodies often show us stagnation - often based on  fears and traumas - that our mind is not aware of. It's an honor to witness the loosening of some of these old patterns and watch someone's life transform.

$45-$90 per hour, depending on income. To set up an appointment, click here.