The Story of "Mount Sinai"
I've had the privilege and honor of going to Egypt twice. The first time was in the summer of 2000 where I had one of the most potent spiritual experiences of my life, a white-light-moment, that changed the direction of my life from the mundane to the spiritual. I went back in 2004. One of the highlights of my 2004 trip was going to the Sinai Peninsula and hiking, at night, up Mount Sinai to watch the sun rise over the Sinai Peninsula. Many people took this night hike. As the sun rose there was a choir from a southern part of Africa singing hymns. It was a truly divine moment. The view of the sun lighting up mountains upon mountains upon mountains is the most beautiful vista I've seen to this point in my life. No wonder Moses had a mystical experience here.

The quote on the card is one of my favorites. I still try to get my head around it, which, of course, won't work, because this is a Truth beyond understanding. I actually needed this quote today as I put it on the Mount Sinai image. The current mountain I'm looking at is financial. When I left IBM in December of 2012 I thought I was just burnt out and would recover quickly. I saved enough money to have a few years to pursue my dreams. Instead I spent that time sick and then recovering. Now I have the energy and clarity to share my gifts with the world, and I'm in debt for the first time in many years. I've thought of selling my car, moving in with my parents, getting jobs just to make money. I've worried about it quite a bit. But I'm reminded today that once again I have made money my Source. Can I say to this mountain, be thou cast into the sea? Can I believe in my heart that I am sourced by Grace? And that my work is to be an agent of Grace?

In 2004, a few months after getting back from Egypt, I was taking a Centers for Spiritual Living course called Practical Mysticism. In the class we were invited to write down something that we wanted to experience, as if it were already done. We were challenged to believe in what we wrote for the duration of the class, and our statement would be mailed to us at the end of the 8 weeks. I wrote "I am debt-free." Before that I had been regularly saying, "I am poor." I followed the instructions, changed my thinking, and when I received my statement in the mail at the end of the 8 weeks I was just barely out of debt! After that I really believed in my abundance. My bank account in turn accumulated more and more money. But over time, I made this bank account my source. I believed I was okay as long as I had enough money in the bank. I had forgotten the same principle that had turned my financial situation around years earlier.

Jeshua (the Aramaic name for Jesus) was telling one of Heaven's secrets. My beliefs determine my experience. I've seen it work for both abundance and for indebtedness; for love and for fear. Part of me knows this but I have not been practicing it. I'm being invited to demonstrate a principle I say I believe, but the fruit of my life shows that I don't really believe. I've heard it said" "If you want to see what someone believes, look at their life."

I release the belief that I'm running out of money. My brain is not my source, my bank account is not my source, my body is not my source. Grace is my sufficiency. I surrender self-will and seek first the Kingdom of God, believing all else will be added.

What mountain is in front of you? When you look at your life, what does that show about your beliefs? Are you willing to exchange any of those beliefs for something more expansive?

~Tracy Rae Clark, November, 2015