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Wake Me Up! New Song :) 

I wrote one song this year while in my first year of  my masters in social work program ... It was a Wednesday night and I had been moved to tears in a class on race, class, and gender, and began writing this song. I decided to go all-out with full production (my first full production since 2006) and my first official music video! It's been a labor of love and has been so much fun being creative while putting forth a meaningful message. Check out my "Music" page to see the video (best viewed full-screen)…

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Awakening my Sense of Political Responsibility 

A friend asked: "When Trump says he will make America great again, to what do you think he is referring?" 

I thought I was just going to type a quick response, but clearly, my recent studies in social policy, social justice, and social law have helped educate me on aspects of our political system of which I was previously unaware. 

I have stayed out of politics for years, focused on the relationships, values, and choices in my own life, but I'm learning how important it is, especially as a person born…

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