"Tracy Rae is a joyful gift to the world. Her music, poetry, and art are divinely inspired -  sometimes pure bring-tears-to-your-eyes beauty, sometimes raw and lusty -  but always they move you to become your best self. "

Ellen Wood
Speaker, Award-winning Author

"I really like your writing and performing - you have something important to say - I admire that."

Walter Trout
Blues Guitar Legend

"You are such an amazing singer."


"Tracy’s infectious smile will get your jaw aching, then her honesty will find a bullseye between your eyes, then her lyrics will alternately rent your heart and get you singing along, exercising that smile you caught when you first saw hers. It’s a multi-sensory experience."

Barrie Andrews
Acutonics & Massage

"My Experience with Tracy Rae Clark was both healing and motivating. It helped me understand what was keeping me from achieving my goals and also helped me narrow them down into a few plans of action to move forward.  Tracy also held me accountable by encouraging me to follow up with my new goals. Tracy took fabulous notes that I still have and look at from time to time so that I can be reminded of where I was and where I am." ~A.F. 

"Tracy has the heart and soul of an Angel of Light. She speaks a wisdom with her music that the world needs to hear in order for people to heal --- and care about something more than themselves."

Reverend Jill Cline
Interfaith Minister

"Thank you Tracy for your wonderful energy and gift of conveying your spirituality in song & lyrics - you are a kind light and blessing."

Reiki Practitioner

"We need to translate your song (Bridge) to as many languages as possible and continue to pass it on!!! You Rock Tracy Rae Clark!"

Marathon Runner

“Tracy Rae’s music is filled with heartfelt messages of the universal truth of life. She has a beautiful presence and voice in which to deliver her gift. It’s a joy to experience her performance.”

Social Worker, Ayurvedic & Yoga Practitioner

"Undeniable passion, intellect and talent here, sis!"